Happy Holidays!

Happy End of the World Day!

To a Z owner in Southeast Michigan, the sight of snow can make it feel that way! Have no fear! The GLZC will be here into 2013 to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary!

  1. In the next couple weeks, we’ll post up some details about meets into January and February. January will host the Detroit Auto Show. This is a good time to meet up, we can car pool in our winter rides and attend the show together. Might even think of some entertaining contests to do during the show. (Who can get the most photos of them posing with a model or funniest photo at the show, etc) We’d compare pics at dinner that night and post the winners. …
  2. We are overdue a trip to Double Action Gun Range. Hopefully we still have guns by late January! (Don’t go too crazy Californian Senators!) We can hit this in January also.
  3. A new indoor Go Kart track opened in Novi. Looking forward to trying that out! There are tons of great places in walking distance from there to grab a bite and a brew.
  4. February is the GLZC birthday and general elections. Post up if you are interested in running for office. Main Positions are President, VP, Treasurer, Web Master, Club Secretary. You can volunteer anyway you wish.


Have a very merry and safe holiday season! – Brian May, Club Treasurer

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