Past Event: Fun Run to the North 8/13/10

I’m going to go ahead and kick off the first proposed event for Michigan’s newest Z Club. (Yet to have an official name)

Friday the 13th (Your lucky day!)

Depending on when folks can get off work, I’d like to gather and leave to head North no later than 4 or 5 pm.

Destination: Mio, Michigan

We’ll meet up somewhere neutral to everyone. (Perhaps Brighton) and drive up I-75 the whole way getting off at Exit 202 and taking M-33 North into Mio.

I have made a reservation for a friend’s cabin that he rents out. The cabin is extremely nice with three queens, two twins (bunk beds) a pull out sleeper sofa and a single air mattress. So we can sleep 7 persons in homophobic fashion or more if you guys have spoonmates.

The cabin has a full kitchen, stove, microwave, etc. There is a large projection TV but no cable. There is a DVD player with tons of DVDs. The stereo is VERY nice and well worthy of jamming! Outside there is a wrap around deck on a wooded lot that over looks the AuSable River. We will have a gas grill for cooking and there is a firepit for the evening. Drinking is a must. Bring coolers.

If we have a lot of folks, or if you want your own space, there is room to pitch a few tents up by the drive. Anyone who wants to camp under the stars next to the fire is welcome to do so. But you may be open to harrassment by drunken fools. LOL

There is a dock down at the river. Feel free to jump in if you can stand the cold water in August! LOL

Saturday – August 14th:

We will have a local canoe tour van pick us up at the cabin. They will take us up river and drop us off with canoes. Load up the coolers and float down river for about 10 miles. This will take the afternoon but it is hilarious. You can paddle or just let the strong current take you down. The van will drop us off at the cabin so your drunk asses can get some rest before dinner and more drinking. LOL

Sunday: August 15th

Get up and have a big breakfast to cure the hangovers.

Everybody pitch in to clean up the cabin. This is my friend’s place and it is filled with personal items. Please respect it like you would your own house. It’s not like a cheap universal rental cabin. This is very friggin’ nice.

Load up the Z’s. We can take back roads back or the interstate. If we want to stop in Frankenmuth or an outlet mall, we can do this.



Cost: The more we get to join in, the less it costs per person. Let’s fix the price per person at $100. My intent is to have enough to cover the cabin rental, buy food and some beer and cover the canoe rentals for Saturday. Pretty cheap for an awesome weekend. I may have to adjust if too few sign up. If a lot show up and we are fine on funds, then I will either cover a lunch in Frankenmuth on the way back or give partial refunds in cash. (Not looking to profit on this.)

Please reserve your spot soon. The optimal amount of people is around 12. We can flex this if you are flexible.

I have to limit the folks coming at this point unless you are willing to bring a tent and camp outside. Personally, I plan to set up a tent and do this. I won’t charge full price to those who camp. I’ll still need to cover food, canoes, beer, etc. (Hopefully not damages)

In the next couple of weeks, I will have to prepay the cabin, make reservations for the canoes (and pickup at the cabin).

Cost is $100 per person which covers the cabin, food, beer, canoes, etc. I would like to collect by mid-July since I need to front the cabin costs ahead of time. If some need to wait a little longer, just let me know.

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2 Responses to Past Event: Fun Run to the North 8/13/10

  1. michael saggese says:

    I am looking to join your group and would like to get more information.

    I recently picked up my 2011 370z NIsmo and I would like to meet with other Z enthusiasts.

    Hope to hear from you,


  2. root says:

    Excellent, Mike. Check out our forums here. Our next meet is a car show this Saturday in Ferndale at Street Legal Customs!

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